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G8HD Door grille, fire resistant

These grilles are manufactured from grey synthetic louvres filled with intumescent material. At a temperature of 120° Celsius the louvres swell to many times the original thickness and fuse together to form a non-combustible barrier. Grilles are supplied with an anodised aluminium frame and matching back frame. Gaps between the grille and surround should be filled with fire resistant mortar or intumescent mastic. Free-air space approx. 80%. Designed for doors of minimum thickness 40 mm and maximum 57 mm.


These grilles allow free movement of air through ducts and fire rated constructions whilst providing full protection against the passage of hot gases smoke and flames. In effect the grilles act as a static fire barrier. The grilles are not suitable for front doors. This application is detailed in section G8HP


  • satin anodised frame with matching back frame.
  • countersunk fixing holes with matching fixing screws.
  • horizontal louvres.
  • dimensions, height/width multiple of 25 mm.
  • 60 min. fire resistant.
  • fitting instructions.


  • other dimensions, min. 75x75 mm, max. 600x600 mm.
  • powder coating in RAL colours (frame).
  • available without frame, see G8HB.

Product range

Article numberAfmetingSpecification
 B H 
G8HD-2020200 200anodised frame
G8HD-2525250 250anodised frame
G8HD-3020300 200anodised frame
G8HD-3030300 300anodised frame
G8HD-4020400 200anodised frame
G8HD-4030400 300anodised frame
G8HD-4040400 400anodised frame
G8HD-4508450 77anodised frame
G8HD-5020500 200anodised frame
G8HD-5030500 300anodised frame
G8HD-5040500 400anodised frame
G8HD-5050500 500anodised frame
G8HD-6040600 400anodised frame
G8HD-6060600 600anodised frame